Welcome toHydra

A Home in the Heart of the City

Stay in a beautiful highrise in Portadelmare deluxe suites just off the Ferry arrivals and beach close to many world-class cafes and restaurants. Enjoy Bossa Nova with a cold beer! Stay at the tranquil elegance of the Villa Sunset and take a deep breath from our veranda. Feel like home away from home at casadelmare and our exclusive sunset studio because life is full of doors. You just have to be in the right one. The accommodation your are looking is here: delmaregroupgreece


our suites in hydra island
The suites at Portadelmare are  spacious with high ceilings

The suites at Portadelmare are  spacious with high ceilings, large windows, an open verandas and a beautiful view of the port. Stay cool with central A/C and wind-down comfortably in the queen sized bedrooms.

Conveniently located just opposite to spilia Beach in the port


Conveniently located just opposite spilia Beach in port, our suites will sweep you into the charm and excitements of Hydra! Dine at one of our neighborhood’s many world-renowned restaurants, enjoy fresh-squeezed juices from one of the colourful stalls along the beach, and don’t misshaving a horse ride while enjoy the island


About Petro

Hi, my name is Petro and I’m your host from Hydral. I live in  the beautiful Hydra ..forever with my family,  We live in a homie highrise just off the Port, but in the winter we travel or just enjoy the calm our island offers!